Friday 21th & Saturday 22th – CLAUSTRE DEL SEMINARI (7:00 p.m.)


It is the story of the famous people who tired of the atrocities of “commander” corrupt and violent, decides to join to fight and ultimately kill his opresor. While going through the action, the actors talk and think about this particular event based on a real situation (Crónica de Rades S.XVI) in which Lope was inspired. A thrilling show. A clear commitment aesthetic that brings the viewer to the seven actors, ready to tell the famous story of “commander” while they themselves will be victims and perpetrators of what they are telling.

Obskené refers to obscene, word that in its Greek root means out (ob-) of scene (-scé). The company wants to show on stage what has been hidden the backdrop so far until now.

Spanish. 60 m

MAX AWARD  2015 Best teatral adaptation Anna Maria Ricart. BEST SHOW AWARD.Off de calle de Zaragoza 2013/Festival Almagro Off 2013/Festival Internacional Noctivagos

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Dramaturgy: Anna Maria Ricart. Direction: Ricard Soler i Mallol. Scenery: Adrià Pinar Marcó. Movement Consulting: Marta Hervás. Casting: Andrea Madrid, David Menéndez, Guillem Gefaell, Marc Pujol, Mireia Illamola, Gerard Oms, Marc Rius. Production: Nuri Santaló

“Very good direction by Ricard Soler i Mallol on a dynamic, stimulating, funny and dramatic at the same time rigorous Anna Maria Ricart. A Lope from the present to the public of today. ” Santi Fondevila. Time Out